NE Series Options

Seresco Dehumidifier Options


In addition to designing exceptional flexibility into our equipment for installation and configuration, Seresco provides a long list of optional features to customize your dehumidifier and maximize its utility.


Options Summary List NE NV NP
Outdoor units packaged and split condenser/dry cooler for A/C  
200 series (2 compressor units) that can be physically split for retrofit projects    
Vertical as well as horizontal cabinets (size dependant)  
A/C: air cooled, water cooled and dry coolers  
Outdoor air and exhaust options: filtered with motorized dampers, heat recovery (on minimum O/A and exhaust), minimum exhaust fan and 100% purge economizer fan  
Many supply and return orientations available due to our direct drive plenum fan
Mirror design allowing for reverse access
Wide range of CFM and ESP options
Space heating options: hot water, steam, electric and gas available
Remote operator panel and building automation interface available (BACNET, MODBUS)
Built in fused and non-fused disconnects
2 to 10 year drive line, compressor and coil warranties available  
Revolutionary "Protocol" design with as low as 1/6th the refrigerant charge of competitors' units    
Ventilation only units with heat recovery, no compressors