Easy to maintain for trouble-free ownership…

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.


Video Length: 63 seconds
Synopsis: There's no getting around the fact that proper and regular service is the best way to ensure value and long life for your dehumidifier. That's why we make service access to all serviceable components as convenient as possible. The easier it is to service, the more likely it is to be serviced. Time, effort and costs are also substantially reduced for owners in the care and maintenance of their dehumidifiers.


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  • Wiring is housed inside separate wire ducts
  • Protecting against environmental damage

Servicing Access

  • Access required on only two sides to completely service unit
  • Service can be performed in tight environments


  • Removable step allowing access to components in mechanical vestibule
  • Removes the need for ladders
  • Perfect for windy areas and rooftops