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Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Service Access

Video Length: 2:24
Synopsis: All Seresco dehumidifiers, across all product lines and sizes are designed to make service access as convenient and safe as possible. Safety grates, fan protectors, convenient step plates and door-securing hinges are examples of how we make it safe to service our units. Convenient, labeled panels and easy to access components are also carefully considered in the design of every unit.
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Service Step

  • Removable step allowing access to components in mechanical vestibule
  • Removes the need for ladders
  • Perfect for windy areas and rooftops

Pleated Filters

  • 2-Inch pleated filters standard (4 inch optional)
  • Cleans air and smooths out airflow over evaporator coil
  • Removable filter are easy to service and replace

Door Design

  • Rain guards over doors, eliminating water infiltration and preventing ice buildup
  • Auto grade door gasket (large machines), creates an airtight seal
  • Compression latch allows easy adjustment of door tightness