Exceptional design and attention to detail in every unit…

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Fan Design

Video Length: 88 seconds
Synopsis: Air movement is at the heart of the dehumidification process. As such, the choice of fans for each part of the air movement process is critical from the standpoint of efficiency, noise reduction and corrosion resistance. Seresco is meticulous in its selection of fans that ensure the very best of each consideration for all unit sizes.
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Spring Isolated Fans

  • Spring isolation on all large fans
  • Reduces vibration
  • Reduces sound levels

Owl Wing Fan Design

  • Feathered edge fan design emulates owl wings (almost silent in flight)
  • No reduction in operating efficiency
  • Featured on Seresco's Outdoor Condensers - Quietest condensers in the industry

Sickle Blade Fans

  • Perfectly balanced for the best performance
  • Light weight blades improving efficiency
  • Quietly moving large volumes of air

Direct Drive Plug Fans

  • Features no belts and needs no adjustments
  • Longer lifetime performance and value
  • No breakage guaranteed