Ensuring value and performance over the long term…

Johnathan Theriault
P.Eng. Production Manager

Enclosure Construction

Video Length: 53 Seconds
Synopsis: A key element of Seresco's corrosion resistance is its use of heavy duty, high quality, thermally insulated dehumidifier enclosures. Our panels are made of mill baked, pre-painted steel with 2 inch insulation. Every panel is then thermally insulated and sealed.


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Painted Steel

  • Factory pre-painted galvanized steel
  • Galvanized steel base with a two step paint process which is applied at the mill
  • Metal is completely protected by heavy plastic film during panel forming to prevent scratches from penetrating the painted steel

Galvanized Steel Base

  • Galvanized heavy gage steel base
  • Fully insulated floors
  • Exceptional strength