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Johnathan Theriault
P.Eng. Production Manager

Door Design

Video Length: 142 seconds
Synopsis: Small but important details like door design impact everything from serviceability and safety to air seals and thermal conduction. See for yourself with Seresco's clever and practical approach to door design features.


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Door Seal

  • Auto grade door gasket on doors (large machines), creating an airtight seal
  • Eliminates whistling and increases efficiency
  • Long lasting and does not degrade over time

Door Frame

  • Floating frame permits readjustment for door closure if leveling is required
  • Thermal break reduces condensation inside door frame
  • Rain guards over doors, eliminating water infiltration and prevents ice buildup

Compression Latch

  • Allows easy adjustment of door tightness
  • Eliminates whistling due to leakage of high pressure air