Exceptional design and attention to detail in every unit…

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Compressor Protection

Video Length: 93 seconds
Synopsis: Special attention to compressor protection is one of the reasons Seresco has earned a reputation for long life and reliability. From sophisticated electronics that monitor multiple sensor inputs to specialized filters, oils separators and crank case heaters, we do everything possible to ensure a long and effective life for all of our compressors.
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Sight Glass

  • Allows more accurate refrigerant field charging
  • Allows easy troubleshooting

Filter Drier

  • Double the required size
  • Accommodates less than perfect outdoor condenser piping hook-up

Temperature Sensors

  • Housed inside copper well, provides more accurate measurement
  • Allowing greater system efficiency and control

Oil Separators

  • Separators reduce the amount of oil from the compressor migrating into the refrigeration circuit
  • Improved compressor protection by keeping oil in the crankcase, where it is needed