Exceptional design and attention to detail in every unit…

Mark Palitza, Regional Sales Manager,
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Air Conditioning Options

Video Length: 120 seconds
Synopsis: In order to maintain optimal pool room comfort, no matter what the conditions, Seresco provides a wide range of air conditioning options for every unit. Air cooled, water cooled or dry cooled, in packaged or split system configurations allow us to deliver the very best solution for every client and every installation.
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Owl Wing Fan Design

  • Feathered edge fan design emulates owl wings (almost silent in flight)
  • Significantly reduces fan blade noise
  • No reduction in operating efficiency

Outdoor Condenser Fans

  • Features owl wing design
  • Quietest condensers in the industry
  • Ideal for residential neighborhoods

Sickle Blade Fans

  • Balances performance and efficiency
  • Quietly moves large volumes of air