Exceptional design and attention to detail in every unit…

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.

A True Industry Leader

In an industry that has a poor reputation for quality and reliability, Seresco's founders were not content with the status quo. We wanted to build a far superior product - and we did. Every aspect of a Seresco dehumidifier is engineered to exceed the quality and performance standards of its competitors. This philosophy has led to over 100 design and component innovations plus Seresco's revolutionary WebSentry® Technology.

Our mission is simply to create the very best dehumidifiers and the best value in the industry. What does that mean? It means the perfect balance between cost and value. It means creating the lowest overall cost of ownership at a very competitive price. It means with Seresco you get more than meets the eye in long-term value and reliability. It means we build the kind of dehumidifiers we would want in our facility if we were you. It also means you won't find a manufacturer more committed to the success of your project than us.

At Seresco, we're proud of our exacting standards and fastidious attention to detail. Click on any one of the icons to the left to see what we mean. Better yet, a Seresco representative would be pleased to provide personal assistance at your convenience.

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