What contractors like most about Seresco…

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.


Factory Supported Installation & Startup

As the installing contractor, the right equipment choice it critical. Your success depends on trouble-free installation, successful start-up and optimal performance on your watch. That’s why Seresco provides the most comprehensive contractor support and the best contractor warranty in the business.

WebSentry technology also provides you with live, factory-controlled startup, factory controlled performance tuning, and intensive performance monitoring during the critical first 90 days, to ensure your success…

For installing contractors, our competitive advantages are clear...

  • Seresco's "Comprehensive Contractor Warranty Program"
  • 2 years parts and 1 year labour warranty (with WebSentry connection)
  • WebSentry startup, monitoring and factory-direct support

Why Seresco... in a nutshell!




We wanted to make it as easy and quick as possible to understand why Seresco is the #1 choice some of the most knowledgeable and discriminating clients in the industry.

Essential Stuff

(in less than 4 minutes)

  • Product Line Overview - just 88 seconds
  • WebSentry Overview - just 96 seconds
  • Features Overview - just 38 seconds

Additional Feature Information

(in less than 3 minutes)

  • Superior System Design - just 28 seconds
  • Greater Energy Efficiency - just 37 seconds
  • Advanced Control Systems - just 35 seconds
  • Optimal Corrosion Resistance - just 29 seconds
  • Easy to Service - just 28 seconds

Lots More Details

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