How WebSentry safeguards your investment…

Discover how WebSentry delivers incomparable value and peak performance for the lifetime of your dehumidifier -- and it's installed at no cost on every Seresco unit we build!

No dehumidifier should be without it
...but only Seresco has it!

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Why WebSentry Technology?

  • Peak Performance – because with WebSentry, the same engineers who designed and built your dehumidifier can remotely observe, control and fine tune its performance during and after installation with control of over 100 critical functions
  • 24-7 Remote Monitoring – WebSentry allows our servers to remotely monitor, record and analyze your dehumidifier performance every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide real time online data access for operators and authorized service technicians
  • Remote System Control – allows authorized technicians and service experts to remotely view and change performance parameters in real time via any internet connected device, including smartphones
  • Performance Trouble Alerts – provide instant email alerts to key personnel should any system parameters not conform to performance expectations
  • Maintenance Reminders – help ensure scheduled maintenance to maximize performance, boost energy savings and provide the absolute lowest overall cost of ownership of any dehumidifier in the industry

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All This with a Simple Ethernet Connection

Nothing more than an Ethernet connection is all that's required to take full advantage of WebSentry (Wi-Fi and cellular network options are also available).

Once connected WebSentry connects securely with our remote servers and begins sending performance data every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for the ultimate in performance monitoring.

The Ultimate Extended Warranty

With sophisticated dehumidification equipment, a lifetime of service and reliability begins with expert installation, start-up and commissioning. With the aid of WebSentry live monitoring, when your installing contractor takes advantage of Seresco's web-assisted start-up service, it's like having Seresco working side-by-side with them, every step of the way. That's why when WebSentry® is connected at start-up we automatically provide you and your contractor with a premium, one year extended labor warranty

Once connected WebSentry connects securely with our remote servers and begins sending performance data every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for the ultimate in performance monitoring.

Old school thinking called it dreaming. We called it WebSentry.

WebSentry® Advantages

  • Real peace of mind – 24/7 unit monitoring for life
  • Robust online reporting of real-time performance data
  • A standard feature on every Seresco unit
  • Simple plug and play Ethernet connection
  • Optional WiFi and cellular connections available
  • Works in parallel with BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus
  • Secure access and control via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Connection activates premium extended 1st year labor warranty
  • Allows remote assisted unit startup
  • Authorized technicians fine tune unit performance remotely
  • Real-time monitoring of all sensors including refrigeration pressures
  • Historical operating data logs on Seresco servers
  • Remote access and control for authorized service personnel

WebSentry® Monitoring

  • Performance analysis using sophisticated computer algorithms
  • Performance logging and analysis reports by email
  • Scheduled service and maintenance reminders by email
  • Real-time monitoring and alarm service with automated
  • emails to registered emergency service contacts

Watch WebSentry in Action – It's Impressive!

Getting Connected is Breeze!

All it takes is a simple Ethernet connection – and because WebSentry is designed using secure intermittent connection technology, it easily passes all the security tests your IT team will require.

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Our Smartphone Application

Ideal for service representatives and operations staff, our smartphone application allows instant secure remote monitoring and control of your unit. Your service representatives can instantly check on the status and performance of your unit from anywhere.

Remote Control Demonstration

Seeing is believing… so here’s a demonstration of starting up and turning off a unit from a smartphone. With a couple of taps on a secure smartphone provide remote control capabilities for qualified service personnel.

Over 100 Parameters Reported and Controlled Online

If you really want to see the incredible power of WebSentry, this video shows you the all the details. This is particularly impressive if you're involved in the operations or service side of the dehumidification business.